China industrial plastic shredder supplier : New ideas for waste plastics treatment

China industrial plastic shredder supplier : New ideas for waste plastics treatment

Pyrolysis technology is one of the means of processing waste plastics, oil in our country, waste plastics oil technology began in the 1990 s, once only at the jiangsu province xinghua size plastic oil refinery there is more than a dozen, but mostly in form of workshops, but our country before oil technology systematic difference of waste plastics, simple equipment, technical level is low, there is no scale, lack of high value of recycling technology and high value products, plastic scrap and after artificial selection of waste plastics as raw materials.At present, with the emergence of new technologies of pyrolysis oil conversion, it is very popular in the market.

Japan is the country with the most development of pyrolysis oil conversion technology, such as kawasaki heavy industry, mitsubishi heavy industry and other large companies and many small companies are developing and industrialized pyrolysis oil conversion technology.Envion, an American global resources firm, JBI, a Canadian firm, SITA, an English firm, and FISSOREAGENCY, an Italian firm, have commercialised pyrolysis oil-based technologies.

The equipment is kettle type coal-burning or oil-burning reactor, the biggest problem encountered in the process of operation is slag cleaning at the bottom of the kettle and glue forming in the pipeline, which cannot be continuously produced.In the production process, there are often colloid substances blocking the pipeline, the pressure of the kettle will rise rapidly, and there are safety risks, so we can only turn off the fire to cool down, and then produce after cleaning the slag.In this way, it is impossible to produce continuously and waste a lot of energy. The labor intensity of workers is very large, the production cost is very high, and the output is small, so it is difficult to industrialize.

Therefore, the "eleventh five-year" national science and technology support technology is specially included in the "urban and rural household garbage in the waste plastic efficient and stable cracking technology research.After more than three years of hard work, Shanghai tongji university has made great progress in tackling key problems jointly with Beijing split source environmental protection technology and equipment co., LTD., Shanghai fiber and environmental protection technology co., LTD., and China university of petroleum.

The pyrolysis furnace is a three-stage composite dynamic and static sulfuration hot bed, which is continuously stirred and pushed by the combination of mechanical hand and airflow guidance, and is uniformly heated in a fully mixed suspension type. At the same time, catalysts are added to fully catalyze the pyrolysis of plastics into carbon, tar and combustible gas under specific temperature and pressure conditions.Production equipment can be continuous feeding, discharging, stable continuous production.As shown in the process flow chart, the production rate of combustible gas is about 15-20% (wt%). The on-line gas can be used as the fuel cycle of the pyrolysis unit without consuming external fuel. The whole process belongs to the process of net energy output.

The output rate of fuel products reached more than 65% (according to the amount of plastic), and the index of fuel products was better than that of CST180. The coke residue at the bottom of the furnace can be made into carbon black and activated carbon for sale.

The production capacity of the device: it can process 100 tons/day of domestic garbage with 30% or more waste plastic content, and the annual processing capacity is more than 30,000 tons.The oil, gas and carbon product conversion rate of the whole system waste plastics cracking is not less than 99% of the waste plastics' own quality.

The operation cost of this technology does not exceed 100 yuan/ton, the environmental protection cost of household garbage 200 yuan/ton, and the average selling price of cracking oil produced is more than 3000 yuan/ton.It is obvious that the high value technology of high efficiency stable cracking of waste plastics has obvious social and economic benefits.