China industrial shredder crusher supplier : Operation manual(procedure) of plastic crusher

China industrial shredder crusher supplier : Operation manual(procedure) of plastic crusher

Part1. working principle and structure

plastic crusher is used to break plastic waste, defective products, scrap materials and other plastic recycling equipment, sometimes also known as plastic crusher or plastic crusher.

The plastic crusher mainly consists of a horizontal rotor with a series of blade blades and a cylindrical shell with one or two fixed knives.The plastic crusher is provided with a hopper along the axial direction of the surgery.The speed of the rotor is very high, and the incoming materials are cut into pieces at the small intersecting gap between the fixed knife and the blade (also known as the moving knife). The pieces are discharged from the bottom of the shell, and can be screened through the filter screen if necessary.

The rotary shaft of the plastic crusher is generally supported by rolling bearings, and its transmission is directly driven by the motor through the elastic coupling.Intersecting clearance adjustment is accomplished by adjusting bolts with fixed knives.The blades are generally made of carbon tool steel and treated by fire.

Part2. Operating procedures

1. preparation before driving

(1) comprehensively check whether the air line connection of the plastic crusher is correct, and the machine must be grounded to ensure safety.

(2) after a few hours of no-load, after the normal feeding use, if found abnormal circumstances of plastic crusher should be immediately stopped for inspection.

(3) after one week of use, check whether the bolts fastening the blades in the working room of the plastic crusher are loose and whether the blade clearance is correct, and make adjustment and fastening.

(4) check whether there are sundries and miscellaneous materials in the working room of the plastic crusher before each driving.

(5) sort out the plastic waste to be broken to ensure that the material has no chores and the feeding specifications are generally uniform.

2. operation and matters needing attention

(1) start the motor of the plastic crusher, and feed the plastic crusher after it operates normally.

(2) feeding should be uniform, plastic crusher to avoid the phenomenon of feeding anion stuck, once stuck, should immediately stop to eliminate.When driving, please pay attention to the motor load current display table to ensure that the plastic crusher motor is not overloaded.

(3) if abnormal noise is found in the plastic crusher, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

(4) plastic crusher is not suitable for 24 hours of continuous operation, the machine temperature rise is too high, can be properly shut down for cooling.

(5) when the plastic crusher is shut down, the waste inside and outside the plastic crusher shall be cleaned even if it is shut down.

(6) never open, clean or repair the plastic crusher motor while it is running.

(7) the plastic crusher should stop feeding before shutdown, but the motor should continue to operate for a period of time, until the plastic crusher is completely empty before shutdown.

3. Maintenance and overhaul

3-1.maintenance and overhaul of the plastic crusher

(1) the main shaft, bearing and reducer of the plastic crusher shall be regularly replaced with grease or lubricating oil according to relevant provisions.

(2) each shift should be plastic crusher everywhere lubrication hole oil injection.

(3) the protective cover of each driving part of the plastic crusher should be kept firm and complete permanently. The plastic crusher cannot start the operation without a complete protective cover.

(4) plastic crusher is not suitable for 24 hours of continuous operation, when the temperature rise is too high, can be properly shut down.

(5) regularly check the clearance between the blade edge and the intersections in the working room of the plastic crusher, and regularly check the fixing bolt of the blade to prevent the blade from loosening.

(6) each shift shall clean up the residual materials in the work room.

3-2 maintenance of the plastic crusher

The main wear parts of the plastic crusher are, moving knife blade, fixed knife blade, rotating shaft journal and bearing, blade set bolt and screen mesh.

The small repair cycle of the plastic crusher depends on the service life of the blade and the degree of use.Replacement of blades, grinding worn blades, and adjustment of interfacial clearance are all minor repairs.The time interval is usually half a month

The intermediate repair shall be carried out every six months to one year, including blade replacement, bearing replacement, rotating shaft inspection, screen mesh inspection and transmission system maintenance.

Overhaul work every one to two years, replace the rotor installed blade, repair studio housing, repair the transmission system.