Double shaft shredder : making municipal solid waste /domestic garbage into RDF

Double shaft shredder : making municipal solid waste /domestic garbage into RDF

Usually, municipal solid waste in our life is composed of dozens of different materials such as ferrous,non-ferrous, plastic ,wood, paper, textile, rubber,glass etc .

And because different materials mix with each other in many cases, heavy work on sorting more valuable and recyclable waste products makes the RDF a good disposal for the rest mixture of garbage .

The common design for RDF processing system is reducing the dimensions of waste materials 2 to 3 times on double shaft shredder and double roller shredder ,single shaft shredder,or high speed granulator,  getting the final size required by burning ,  and setting some belts for sorting big and recyclable products, such as cardboard,bottle,tank etc,  and setting magnetic separator to find and remove ferrous(iron) products out .  The rest mixture of rubbish will be further decreased into 80mm or 50mm or 30mm as final RDF products for Energy Recycling Disposal.

Usually, the Calorific value can be controlled to be 9-22MJ.

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