Industrial double shaft shredder machine , Treatment technology for recycling waste paper pulp ragged wires from paper factory

China heavy duty waste paper pulp treatment machine , industrial double shaft shredder for reducing size of ragged wires and separating steel wires out;

Because of the large demand for paper in modern life, there are many paper companies on the market. Companies that make paper from recycled materials produce large amounts of paper waste during production. There are twisted ropes (which contain plastic, a lot of iron wire, packaging bags, etc. wire content of 65%).

Brightermachinery provides the solution to separate steel wires, plastic,and paper ;

The general processing procedure as below :

1.Belt conveyor 

2.Double shaft shredder-low speed,high torque shearing force

3.Belt conveyor

4.Magnetic separator for separating iron wires

5.double rotor shredder -small square blades,with Screen for controlling output size-LOW SPEED,LOW NOISE

6.Belt conveyor

7.Magnetic separtor

8.Air blower ,customer prepare, separating plastic film ;