waste plastic recycling shredder manufacturers in China

Loading plastic shredder manufacturers in China , focus on developing series industrial low speed shredder and high speed crushers for reducing size of solid wastes : plastic ,wood,rubber,paper, wires,aluminium ,etc.

After the material enters the plastic shredder , it is cut by biting and shearing of the teeth made of high-hardness and wear-resistant materials, and fall down by own gravity.

The main power of the industrial double shaft shredder is the motor, and then high torque are achieved by the reducer to get the effect of shredding bulky solid waste rapidly.

Except for the double shaft shredder for decreasing and recycling plastic container, film, and other related thin and bulk scrap,  BRGIGHTERMACHINERY also supply series single shaft shredder for detroying large plastic lumps and large diameter plastic pipes.