ABS waste shredder

China ABS waste shrdder of heavy duty double shaft shredder with large capacity for destruction and recycling of car bumper,shell of eletric appliances,computer,printer,fridge,tv,air conditioner etc; Model: SCD600 Motor ; 15kw Blades : skd11/D2 Capacity: 300~ 500kg/h

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1.ABS waste shredder

Abs waste shredder  is widely used on recycling electric appliances ,car and some other kind of products ;

The abs waste is often in form of big size but not thick ; if the abs waste is from office printer and other small products made of abs , a cheap and small high speed crusher has sufficient ability to destroy them.

However , for those abs shell from computer, fridge , photocopier ,air conditioner , car /automotive etc , big dimension of them beyong the desposing ability of high speed crusher(grinder,granulator), they require heavy duty double shaft shredder as abs waste shredder  which can achieve fast processing speed for them ;

The abs waste shredder runs in low speed ,outputing high torsional force and shearing force , assuring a low noise during working at the same time.