Big plastic lumps shredder

China Big plastic lumps shredder reduces size and recycles waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,garbage box,chemical drums,drinking bottle,water container ,plastic fim,bag ,ropes,fishing net etc;industrial single shaft shredder with small and uniform size of output. Model: SCS1000 Rotor length : 1m Pushing Journey: 1.1m Motor : 45kw Capacity: 0.8-+1.2 tons/hour

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Big plastic lumps shredder

Really awful, with plastic lumps shredder for plastic production ,  in the high price for plastic raw materials, a lot of them must be wasted when start or stop or adjust or maintain the related plastic machines, but not made into final plastic products for income;

Most of the industrial waste is the melted plastic fluid drained from the extruder or mould , which become to solid and hard and thick and big plastic lumps after cooling;

In the target to reuse these kinds of industril waste , bring the plastic manufacturing business an economical production , we developed the big plastic lumps shredder and crusher and grinder for the recycling process;

The big plastic lumps shredder output small plastic flakes, 50mm size in control , damage these big plastic lumps fast and smoothly ;

The crusher follows the plastic lumps shredder to furtherly break the shredded 50mm plastic flakes into 12mm,10mm, or smaller flakes, which can be mixed virgin plastic granules for new production;

The grinder helps to convert the 12mm or smaller plastic flakes into plastic powder ,which can be realized to the size of 20-80mesh , even smallest 400mesh , as customer’s requirement;