Big plastic pipe shredder

China heavy duty Big plastic pipe shredder with good quality , manufacturing industrial single shaft shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of heavy wall plastic pipe and lumps etc; Model: SCSP1200 Pipe : < 1200 mm Capacity : 800-1000kg/h Motor : 75kw

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Big plastic pipe shredder

Big plastic pipe shredder, this concept is defined as the application of the shredder, which also can be called as other name according to actual application served;

If classify the big plastic pipe shredder depending on its structure, it belongs to single shaft shredder , hopper pushing type shredder ;

The big plastic pipe shredder inherits the terrific stability and durability of the common single shaft shredder , and furtherly get an effect to keep the load in a relatively lower level , the shredder is safer ,especially advantages on this aspect for waste textile, raffia, ropes ,multi-filament fishing net ,nylon etc;