Big plastic tube shredder

Good quality big plastic tube shredder made in china,industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of plastic pipe,lumps, other thick waste plastic ; Model: SCSP600 Pipe diameter : < 600 mm Pipe length : < 2 m Capacity: around 200kg/h

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Big plastic tube shredder

For the description of a machine, we commonly define it as its structure, application , volume , special design etc, all of those which can help us recognize the form of the machine;

Now the example of the shredder for destroying big plastic tube, it can be called as industrial single shaft shredder according to its type and number of working shaft,also can be simply called as its application of key words, the big plastic tube shredder;

Assuming a customer have wide range of waste plastic pipe, diameter from 8mm to 1.5 meter , big plastic pipe or tube occupy the main ratio,  a big model of industrial single shaft shredder , hopper moving to get the pushing force , can serve to decrease the size of all the plastic tubes ;

Big plastic tube outside , internal chamber being placed with smaller tubes,  thus, the contact area between the blades and the plastic tube is near solid and big plastic lumps, a relatively higher capacity of output can be expected;