Car bumper recycling shredder

China Car bumper recycling shredder of heavy duty double two shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,light metal scraps; Model: SCD600 Motor : 15kw Effective Working Length of Shaft : 600mm Inlet : 600mm*500mm Total Height : 1.8M Total Weight : 2 ton

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Car bumper recycling shredder

Car bumper is easy for destroying on double shaft shredder , if capacity required is low , small high speed crusher is enough for processing them, the price is also cheap;

If a high capacity is desired, a double shaft shredder as car bumper recycling shredder helps to meet customer’s requirement ;

Our small car bumper recycling shredder ,with shredding length of 600mm ,processing car bumper one by one , each car bumper can be finished in 10 seconds on car bumper recycling shredder, 300~360 pieces of car bumpers can be processed in one hour;

A combination of car bumper recycling shredder and high speed crusher works with best performance for car plastic bumper’s destruction.