china plastic pipe shredder

Model: SCSP800 Shredder room: 800 *1000 Capacity: 300-700kg/h Application : plastic pipe,plastic lumps ,bundled scrap Motor : 45kw

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china plastic pipe shredder

Plastic pipe is one of the waste product which is hard for destruction.

Usually, if the external diameter of the main plastic pipe is bigger than 160mm , those plastic pipe shall be processed on heavy duty single shaft shredder ;

The plastic pipe shredder , one of the types of single shaft shredders , keeps plastic pipes standing in its hopper vertically , carries plastic pipes to move in two sides of shredder rotor by turn ;

The plastic pipe is shredded from bottom to up , usually, the length of the plastic pipe is recommended to be shorter than 2 meters, the smaller pipe is advised to be put inner bigger one , thus each blades on shredder rotor will contact with plastic pipe, and get a fast shredding speed;