china plastic tube shredder

china plastic tube shredder with good quality , manufacturing industrial single shaft shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of heavy wall plastic pipe and lumps etc; Model: SCSP1000 Rotor length : 1000mm Shredder room: 1000*1100mm Motor : 55kw Capacity: 500-700kg/h

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china plastic tube shredder

Rigid body and big volume the plastic tube are inherent in form a difficulty to destroy them ;

Common small crusher can deal with small plastic tube less than 160mm of diameter;

If customer are mainly working on recycling big plastic tube , the best selection on the shredder machine is a combination of single shaft shredder and crusher , in which the plastic tube shredder can decrease big plastic tube in long length;

Brightermachine has two types of shredders which are specially designed for recycling plastic tube : vertical feeding type single shaft shredder ,and horizontal feeding type single shaft shredder ;

Vertical type plastic tube shredder can work for plastic tube of 2 meters as max length;

Horizontal type plastic tube shredder is capable for loading plastic tube to 6 meters or longer ;

The cost has difference ; Vertical type one is the economical design;