China Single shaft shredder

China heavy duty single shaft shredder with good quality, industrial shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,paper, rubber,light metal etc. Model: SCS800 Shredding room: 800 * 1000 mm Driving motor : 37kw + 2.2kw Blades: SKD11 Capacity : 500 ~ 1000 kg/h for hdpe lumps.

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Single shaft shredder


Industrial single shat shredder works perfectly for Such waste as plastic lumps,plastic pipe , pipe fittings, thick board, plastic rollers etc are solid objects in big volume which are difficult for destruction;

By applying a strong impact force to a small point on the surface of waste objects in super short time , a super big cutting force in cross-section is created to the small contact area , plus the internal pulling force realized by the curve shape of the blades of single shaft shredder, small plastic flake is successfully cutted down and throwed away to the centripetal direction of the blades inside single shaft shredder ;

The strong impact force is given by a round roller drived by electric motor outside and in bottom of single shaft shredder ,power being transmitted by a hard teeth gearbox ; And this size reduction machine is featured on low rotation speed ,high torque ,and high stability, heavy duty structure being adopted ;

The blades of the single shaft shredder has very good toughness and high hardness , the hardness can be made to HRC60 upon Cr12MoV (skd11,d2) ,and to HRC63 upon Cr8Mo1VSi  (DC53);

For middle rigid plastic material , like hdpe ,pp, the working life of one set rotary skd11 blades for single shaft shredder can meet production demand for 1 whole year.

For high hard plastic , like pvc,ppr and engineering plastic , 1 set of rotary skd11 blades of single shaft shredder also can get half year of working life;

DC53 doubles the working life of skd11 blades of single shaft shredder.

2.Video of single shaft shredder (SCS400,smallest model) :

3.Some photos of single shaft shredder and samples