Computer shredder

China computer shredder of industrial double shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of E waste electronic appliances ; Model: SCD800 Motor : 30kw+30kw Blades : Skd11 Capacity: Around 1 ton/h

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1.Computer shredder

Computer Shredder is a double shaft shredder for reducing size of big object . two rows of blades rotate relatively to get a strong pressing,tearing,and shearing force , which is sufficiently strong to destroy various soft and rigid waste scraps.

According to the design of computer shredder ,  It is obviously advantaged on processing and recycling large hollow containers,tanks , computers,and household electric appliances , large plastic pallet,sheet, film,bag etc;

Different specifications of blades of computer shredder are available to process waste scraps in different physical characters;

For example, plastic film,bag, sheet,board,pallet, they are large but narrow , blades in small diameter can process them; If the waste products is big hollow tank , such IBC Tank,Blue drum, Desktop computer, fridge etc, big blades are required to grasp them easier;