E waste recycling shredder

China E waste recycling shredder of industrial double shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of E waste,conduit boards, electronic appliances ; Model: SCD1200 Shredding Distance : 1200mm Blades : 420mm Motor : 45kw+45kw Capacity: 1.5~2.5 ton/h

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1.E waste recycling shredder

The character of thin wall and big volume of E waste make double shaft shredder the best choise for ruining and recycling them ;

However , if smaller size and more regular shape of final e waste chips is required , plus a relatively lower disposal speed is accepted , the single shaft shredder will be more suitable .

Back to the double shaft shredder ,it is selected as e waste recycling shredder in the case that big capacity is desired , the dimension of final e scraps is decided by the diameter ,thickness ,and number of claws of blades; The distance between two teeth on one blade control the length of shearing, the thickness of the blade decide the width of the scrap after shredding ;Usually, the final e scraps from E waste recycling shredder will be controlled between 50mm to 100mm;

The E waste recycling shredder machine uses many claw type blades installed on two parallel axles in staggered arrangement , adjacent two blades rotates relatively to grasp big objects, press ,tear,and shear them apart.