Hard drive one shaft shredder

China Hard drive one shaft shredder for reducing volume and size of big solid waste ,plastic ,paper,rubber,wood,light metal,msw etc. Model : SCS1000 Rotor length : 1 m Motor : 45kw Capacity: 800~ 1.2ton/h

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Hard drive one shaft shredder

When the loss of plastic raw materials occurs in large scale plastic industries , they’d better to be recycled within production directly , it will help to prevent a rise on production cost;

The main recycling machines used here is the hard drive one shaft shredder and sizing crusher ( mill, granulator ,grinder) , which can serves to reduce their dimension to meet extruding requirement ; Furthermore , their high quality make them the feasibility to be mixed with original plastic granules or powder for new production;

For many other forms of waste products ,if they are compressed to be big bale , hard drive one shaft shredder also can get a rapid shredding effect for them;