Hard drive plastic tube shredder

Hard drive plastic tube shredder for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps ,industrial single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model: SCSP600 Pipe diameter : < 600 mm Pipe length : < 2 meters Motor : 30kw Capacity: 200-300kg/h

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Hard drive plastic tube shredder

A common single shaft shredder has limitation on the height of the plastic tube or plastic lumps, they should be thinner than the diameter of the rotor ; if not , they may be stuck onto the dam-board over the rotor ; So if customer use this type single shaft shredder as hard drive plastic tube shredder, some very thick plastic lumps or very long plastic pipe shall be sawed to be thinner than diameter of the rotor;

However,the actual working situation requires easier operation way and more relaxed job for using the hard drive plastic tube shredder ; For this target , brightermachinery improve the storaging and pushing principle based on common single shaft shredder, and succeed to make the rotor shred the thick plastic tube and plastic lumps over whole cross section;

Customer only need cut long plastic tube to be 1.5~2 meters, then on the hard drive plastic tube shredder ,the cut plastic tube subsection can be decreased into mini 20mm plastic flakes in one step ;

Most importantly, the hard drive plastic tube shredder being improved from common single shaft shredder,an economical cost on construction is ensured;