Hard plastic recycling shredder

China Hard plastic recycling shredder reduces size and recycles waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,garbage box,chemical drums,drinking bottle,water container ,fruit vegetable tanks,bear crates etc;heavy duty single shaft shredder with small and uniform size of output. Model :SCS600 Motor : 22kw Capacity : 300-500kg/h

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Hard plastic recycling shredder

Selection criteria of plastic recycling shredder depends on the physical specifications of the plastic scraps; The specification includes sort, structure, dimension ;

The various plastic can be classified to be thick or thin, big or small, solid or hollow , hard or soft , regular or not ;

The heavy duty single shaft shredder works as hard plastic recycling shredder ,it is drived by an electric motor , power being transferred to a gearbox via V-belts , the gearbox converting a big torque to the cutting blades regularly mounted on the surface of the shaft ;

The many blades are laid in a V line , helping to drive waste products from two sides to the middle for cutting , getting higher shredding efficiency on hard plastic recycling shredder;

One of the most important components of the hard plastic recycling shredder is the gearbox which sustains big shock from the blades , our gearbox adopts the Top1 brand,GUOMAO ,in China; The gearbox is also designed with individual damping and protecting system;