Heavy duty plastic recycling shredder

Chinese factory for Heavy duty plastic recycling shredder, industrial single shaft shredder of size reduction plant for recycling waste plastic,rubber,wood,paper ,light metal scraps etc; Model: SCS1000 Rotor length : 1000 mm Motor : 45kw Capacity : 800-1200 kg/hour

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Heavy duty plastic recycling shredder

The industrial shaft shredder as the heavy duty plastic recycling shredder , the 1st step for recycling rigid and thick waste plastic , can get mini 20mm of plastic scraps after shredding , 50mm as the standard size though;

The latter size reduction plant next to heavy duty plastic recycling shredder is a fine crusher with claw type blades ,blades on a triangle steel frame, each frames are welded together in different stairs;

Usually ,the heavy duty plastic recycling shredder and crusher are designed in one line, after shredding, the shredded plastic scraps will output and transported into the next crusher , then 10mm flakes in same size will be obtained;

The capacity is customized to be 100kg/hour~ 5ton/hour;