Heavy duty plastic shredder

Chinese Heavy duty plastic shredder for size reduction ,industrial single shaft shredder for recycling waste plastic lumps and unqualified unfinished plastic products in the plastic production of extrusion,injection,blowing,and post consumer; Model: SCS1300 Type: Reinforced type-heavy Shredder chamber : 1300mm *2200mm

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Heavy duty plastic shredder

Industrial single shaft shredder should be chosen as heavy duty plastic shredder  for recycling those waste plastic with solid and thick body and big dimension , like , plastic lumps of industrial waste, big plastic pipes , board ,crates etc;

No doubt, the heavy duty plastic shredder is a necessary machine for plastic recycling projects , pre-grinding the big plastic lumps for next more fine re-grinding ; If cutting them by manual , really not economical on labor cost and grinding efficiency ;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER heavy duty plastic shredder most obviously featured on protecting the gearbox (reducer) of the shredder in the long grinding production ;