Heavy duty plastic tube shredder

Heavy duty plastic tube shredder for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps ,industrial single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model: SCSP1500 Motor : 55kw+55kw' Pipe diameter: < 1500 mm Pipe length : < 3 meters Capacity: 1-2ton/h

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Heavy duty plastic tube shredder

Using common single shaft shredder as the application of heavy duty plastic tube shredder ,the big plastic tube ,hdpe ,pvc,ppr etc, can be cut into blocks or short parts by saw , then the obtained plastic blocks can be throwed into common single shaft shredder for destruction; A group of low rotation high torque single shaft shredder and high speed crusher can make them into small flakes in extruding grade .

For helping customer save manual work on pre-cutting thick plastic tube , BRIGHTERSHREDDER develops a heavy duty plastic tube shredder,new type single shaft shredder which can store big plastic tube directly and decrease them into mini 20 mm; A length between 1-2 meters of big plastic tube is okay for feeding;

Whole plastic tube can be shredded directly because an appropriate pushing way has been created that the rotor of heavy duty plastic tube shredder can contact all cross section of the plastic tube;