Heavy duty shredder for plastic lumps

Heavy duty shredder for reducing size and recycling plastic lumps,pipe,pallet ,boards,garbage box ,crates,tanks,film,bag,ropes,fishing net etc ,industrial single shaft shredder with good quality made in China; Model: SCS800+PC800 Motor : 37kw+30kw Capacity : 500-1000kg/h Output size : 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm/16mm

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Heavy duty shredder for plastic lumps

The best heavy duty shredder for plastic lumps is the industrial single shaft shredder , which consists of an electric motor , multiple V belts , gearbox ,bearing, round shaft , square blades, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic station , and steel frame;

The heavy duty plastic lumps shredder adopts modular design , each subassembly of our single shaft shredder is easy to be disassembled for inspection and maintenance;

We have 2 types of single shaft shredders ,which is classified by their difference on pushing way;

1.Stationary hopper type single shaft shredder . the plastic lumps is pushed by a steel truck inside the shredding chamber , the height if equal to the diameter of the round shaft with blades, its height limit the max thickness of waste plastic lumps , but has no effect on hollow products and plastic film or bag ;

2.Movable hopper type single shaft shredder , this type plastic lumps shredder  pushes the waste products by its hopper , it can process long plastic products , like, big plastic pipe, big and long plastic lumps , round plastic lumps , of which the height is far higher than the diameter of the shaft;  But it is need a little more cost than the common single shaft shredder;