hot plastic mixer

SHR300A hot plastic mixer in high speed stirring and hot working environment . Motor:40/55kw Production capacity : 500kg/hour

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Hot plastic mixer

The hot plastic mixer has 3 stirring paddles on its rotating shaft , which rotates in high speed along clockwise drived by electric motor.

plastic materials not only moves along the wall of mixer pot by high speed rotation of paddles , but turn over up-and-down by own gravity and resistance of flow battle part on inner wall of hot plastic mixer.

And because the plastic materials moves in high speed , consequently, the friction heat between plastic powder and plastic granules or plastic powder and fluid additives is very big , which make the temperature of plastic materials rise up fast. 

The friction heat from high speed rotation inner hot plastic mixer reduces the heating power from electric , and is good for a perfect absorbing effect among different materials.

The stirring paddles/Vanes of hot plastic mixer is made of stainless steel , which is also processed by machanical machining carefully ,  a good corrosion resistance and a good wear resistance are realized.

Model:SHR300A hot plastic mixer:

Mixer Pot volume : 300L

Effective volume:225L


Main shaft speed:475/950rpm

Heating method : Electric

Discharging method : Pneumatics