industrial cardboard box shredder

China industrial cardboard box shredder of heavy duty double shaft shredder with large capacity for destruction and recycling of carboard,carton box,paper pulp ,ragged wires etc; Model: SCD1500 Motor : 55kw+55kw Shredder room : 1.54 m*1.05 M Capacity:3 ~ 5 tons/h

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1.industrial cardboard box shredder

The function the industrial cardboard box shredder designed to fulfill is reducing the size of big waste products into small flakes or particles ,thus they become more convenient and suitable for further recycling and disposal.

The waste paper ,book, paper pulp ,ragged wires ,cardboard, carton box etc, the recycling and reuse of them must be concerned because there is not so much forest available for paper industry ;

So large demand of raw paper materials also makes a big market and benefits on paper recyclding field;

Our industrial cardboard box shredder help paper and carton collecting station to decrease their stored paper and carton to meet the requirement of paper manufacturing factory;

Paper factory also has a lot of industrial waste which need disposal and reuse, industrial cardboard box shredder help our paper factories save lots of production cost.