Industrial hard plastic shredder

China Industrial hard plastic shredder reduces size and recycles waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,garbage box,chemical drums,drinking bottle,water container ,fruit vegetable tanks,bear crates etc;heavy duty single shaft shredder with small and uniform size of output. Model: SCS800 Rotor length :800mm Journey of pushing : 1000mm Motor : 37kw Capacity: 0.5-1 ton/hour

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Industrial hard plastic shredder

one of the application of Industrial hard plastic shredder is for A company that is big in plastic products manufacturing, a station that collects various old products for sale , a company that is specializing on plastic regeneration , a company that convert waste series garbages into energy , etc ; All of these projects above required industrial single shaft shredder as industrial hard plastic shredder, which helps to grind big plastic products;

Due to good quality and good price , BRIGHTER brand industrial hard plastic shredder is super welcomed for hard plastic recycling.

Because of low noise in the running , the industrial single shaft shredder is also favored in plastic film and bag recycling;