Industrial One shaft shredder machine

industrial one shaft shredder machine for destroying and recycling waste plastic ,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc,China new made industrial shredders for sale; Model: SCS600 Motor : 22kw Capacity : 300-500kg/hour With safe door/Hydraulic control

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Industrial one shaft shredder machine

If the newly made plastic lumps is well-broken into small plastic particles or flakes, they can be mixed with original plastic resin for reuse in plastic industries;

The industrial one shaft shredder machine and a sizing crushing machine can reduce the volume of the big plastic lumps to meet requirements of plastic extruders;

The components constituting the industrial one shaft shredder machine are listed as :

  • Belt conveyor for feeding and output;
  • Hopper for storaging
  • A round steel rotor
  • Many square blades with 4 sharp teeth and cutting edges;
  • Bearings
  • Hard teeth surface gearbox
  • Damping system for industrial one shaft shredder machine
  • V-belts
  • Electric motor
  • Hydraulic cylinder for industrial one shaft shredder machine
  • Hydraulic station
  • Control cabinet with PLC , breaker, connector , relay etc;