Industrial plastic pipe shredder

Industrial plastic pipe shredder for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps heavy duty single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model: SCSP1000 Motor power : 55kw Capacity: 500-700kg/h Pipe diameter : < 1000mm PIpe length : < 2 meters

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Industrial plastic pipe shredder

Designing the shredding rotor of industrial plastic pipe shredder a working range of whole pushing journey, the plastic pipe with big diameter can be shredded in whole cross-section , much manual cutting work is saved;

The industrial plastic pipe shredder resembles the common single shaft shredder on shredding rotor and blades, but has obvious difference on the pushing principle;

For common single shaft shredding machine,industrial plastic pipe shredder, the thickness of solid products is required to be less than the diameter of the rotor ;

However, the industrial plastic pipe shredder has no limitation here , big plastic lumps,plastic pipe, board , regular or irregular shape , they can be feeded into the shredder hopper directly;