Industrial plastic tube shredder

Industrial plastic tube shredder for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps heavy duty single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model : SCSP1200 Pipe diameter : < 1200 mm Pipe length : < 2 meters Capacity: 800-1000kg/h Motor : 75kw

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Industrial plastic tube shredder

How should we recycle the waste plastic tube of post consumer ?

How to destroy the thick plastic lumps and unqualified products from plastic tube production ?

The SCSP series industrial plastic tube shredder helps to decrease them into small flakes rapidly ;

The SCSP series industrial plastic tube shredder has a deep hopper moves along two parallel paths above the shredder rotor ;

The big plastic tube in the shredder chamber is pushed between two sides of the rotor , the effective shredding area covers the whole moving and pushing journey of the hopper of industrial plastic tube shredder;

Long plastic tube is shredded in cross-section direction , vertical axial direction becomes shorter and shorter , then being finished utterly.