Industrial plastic waste recycling shredder

China Industrial plastic waste recycling shredder, heavy duty single shaft shredder breaking destroying plastic lumps,pipe,tank,garbage box,drum,crates,pallet ,film,bag ,ropes ,fishing net etc; Model: SCS800 Rotor length: 800mm Motor : 37kw Capacity : 500-1000kg/hour

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Industrial plastic waste recycling shredder

As soon as customers choose a industrial plastic waste recycling shredder, no plastic waste he can’t recycle , because the single rotor shredder has wide purpose rage , no matter how thin or how thick , how big or how small, how rigid or how soft;

As for the solid and rigid and thick plastic waste , plastic lumps, plastic pipes, thick plastic boards etc, a single shaft shredder as the industrial plastic waste recycling shredder , can get the most perfect grinding and recycling performance and highest capacity of output;

BRIGHTER brand industrial plastic waste recycling shredder is with good quality on motor , motor protection , gearbox ,gearbox protection , damping design, overload protection for rotor , long working life of blades (skd11/D2, DC53);