Industrial plastic waste shredder

China Industrial plastic waste shredder of heavy duty double two shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of large size and thin wall solid waste ,plastic,paper pulp,cardboard,wood,rubber,light metal ,msw etc; Model: SCD1200 Motor : 37kw+37kw Blades : D2(skd11,Cr12MoV) Capacity: 1 ~ 1.5ton/h

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1.Industrial plastic waste shredder

Industrials plastic waste shredders for waste plastic recycling is developed to reduce the size of big waste initially, making them easier for high speed crushing and grinding ;

Plastic waste in big size on the industrial plastic waste shredder can be decreased to be 10 cm and smaller flakes , then the high speed sizing crushing machine can get fast processing speed for them ;

We provides whole industrial plastic waste shredder machines and systems to support plastic recycling in mechanical way, single shaft shredder,double shaft shredder, film crusher ,hard plastic crusher, plastic washing line, plastic granulation lines, and plastic pulverizers;