Industrial single shaft shredder

China Industrial single shaft shredder with good quality, heavy duty shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc. Model : SCS1500 Motor : 110kw Shredding chamber : 1500 * 1500mm Capacity : 3~5 ton/h Loading : 40 Gp * 1 set

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1.Industrial single shaft shredder

Selection of industrial shredders for the sake of getting rapid decreasing speed and power saving makes the industrial single shaft shredder the most workable type;

The actual capacity of the industrial single shaft shredder depends on the specific gravity, structure , material , dimension of the shredder, and its screen specification;

For a given model of single shaft shredder , the motor power required may also be different according to actual waste products it being used for; For given sort of waste products ,the motor power is also one of the factor which may effect the capacity of the shredder;

Hence, it is very important to understand which kind of waste products will be recycled on the industrial single shaft shredder, each related characters and requirements will help us make more accurate solution for customer;

The basic info required for confirming the design and model of the industrial single shaft shredder are : material, external dimension, wall thickness, target dimension of waste products , requried capacity , and voltage of power source .

2.Series models of industrial single shaft shredder :

3.Some photos and samples of Industrial single shaft shredder :