Large plastic pipe shredder

Good quality Large plastic pipe shredder made in china,industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of plastic pipe,lumps, other thick waste plastic ; Model : SCSP1000 Pipe diameter : < 800 mm Length : < 2m Capacity : 300- 500kg/h

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Large plastic pipe shredder

When designing an industrial shredder machines, we must first do a clear survey about customer’s demand o the shredder;

For example , the application of the large  plastic pipe shredder, the volume, structure of plastic pipe decide the type and volume of the shredder; the material of the waste products is one of the component to calculate the actual capacity , and estimate the form of final chips after large plastic pipe shredder;

If customer want large plastic shredder to recycling waste plastic pipe and lumps for reuse , the basic info provided includes Diameter ,Material,Max and Main length of the plastic pipe, required size of final plastic flakes or pellets , required capacity , required voltage of electric motor ;