MSW Shredder

China heavy duty MSW Shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for municipal solid waste processing plant Model: SCD1200 Motor :45kw+45kw Blades: 50mm(T)*500mm(D). Capacity: 3-5 tons/h

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1.MSW Shredder

It is imperative that cities managers exercise considerable care in sorting ,untilizing ,desposing municipal solid waste if we don’t want to live in a place where is filled with garbage .

The MSW shredder helps to destroy some usable/recyclable waste products ,and make some unrecyclable waste products to be small chips for landfilling or burning .

As the difference on components of MSW , on shredded size of final waste scraps, on actual capacity of output , several different types and models of MSW shredders can be recommended.