Old clothes waste fabric shredder

China Old clothes shredder of heavy duty double shaft shredder with large capacity for destruction and recycling of old clothes,waste fabric,carpets ,quilt,textile waste etc; Model: SCD800 Motor : 37kw Blades : Skd11/D2 Capacity: 500~800kg/h

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1.Old clothes shredder

Brighter brand old clothes shredder help customer achieve a super fast processing speed and smaller size of clothes chips at reasonable investment and running cost .

The old clothes shredder has two working shaft sleeved with claw type blades realized with strong shearing force .

The two shaft heavy duty industrial old clothes shredder is capable of recycling and disposing old clothes, fabric, plastic film,woven bag , leather , shoes ,rubber waste, E-waste , Medical Waste , MSW,RDF, plastic sheet,drum,barrels,containers, IBC tank , oil can ,plastic and wood pallet ,plywood ,tire,car bumper ,biomass etc.