Plastic bag shredder

China heavy duty Plastic bag shredder for recycling plastic film and bag , industrial double shaft shredder ,round rotor ,square blades,large capacity; Model: SCDF800 Motor : 30kw+30kw Capacity: 500~ 800kg/j Plastic bag shredder

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Plastic bag shredder

Garbage bag, packing bag, pp raffia woven bags etc, the plastic bags have wide applications in our daily life .

Most of them are made of hdpe or ldpe or PP material, which can be recycled for reuse and making attractive benefits.

The initial size reduction work of them is done by plastic bag shredder or granulator ;

If both low noise and large capacity are required as the performance of the size reducing machine , the plastic bags shredder is a good selection;

The noise of the plastic bags shredder during working is lower than 80dB.

The actual of the plastic bags shredder can get max 10 tons per hour.