Plastic bottle shredder

china Plastic bottle shredder for recycling big chemical bottle,water bottle,drinking bottle,fruit tank,garbage box,bear crates,plastic pallet ,film,bag etc , industrial double shaft shredder reducing size of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,e waste,medical waste,msw; Model: SCD800 Motor : 37kw Capacity: around 500kg/h

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1.Plastic bottle shredder

Plastic bottle shredder is designed to destroying those overdue drinking bottles with water ,helping them to be broken in high speed crusher with faster speed. The inner water will be removed, the bottle body also will be pressed into flat shape ;

Plastic bottle also includes those big containers for shampoo, oil ,chemical etc , the 2 rows of blades of the plastic bottle shredder can grasp and press and finish these waste products rapidly;

If no low rotation high shearign torque plastic bottle shredder as the previous size reduction procedure, it is hard to get sufficient shredding capacity;

After decade years of researching and improving , our low rotation speed plastic bottle shredder and high speed granulators has been recognized to be reliable and durable.