Plastic bucket shredder

china Plastic bucket shredder for recycling hollow container or tanks ,chemical bottle,blue drum ,barrels,buckets,IBC Tank,fruit tank,garbage box,crates , industrial double shaft shredder reducing size of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,e waste,medical waste,msw Model: SCD800 Shredding Distance : 800mm Motor : 30kw+30kw Capacity: 1-1.5ton/h

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Plastic bucket shredder

Plastic bucket is big on volume ,but thin on body wall, it is easy for shearing apart by plastic bucket shredder;

Plastic bucket shredder made of two parallel with claw type blades sleeved on them,belongs to double shaft shredder ,the most welcomed type of size reduction machine for big buckets;

The plastic bucket shredder has other more applications except for the plastic bucket; when it is put into production , most scraps of post-consumer can be processed on it;

if main trash customer have is solid and thick products, please check our single shaft shredder published on the same web;