Plastic bumper shredder

China heavy duty Plastic bumper shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for recycling waste large plastic ,wood,rubber ,cardboard,thin wall metal scrap ,e waste,MSW,paper pulp etc. Model: SCD600 Blades: 25 mm*24pcs Blades material: SKD11 Motor : 15kw

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1.Plastic bumper shredder

The double shaft shredder has wide applications, one of the typical use is for plastic bumper recycling ; a car bumper can be finished on plastic bumper shredder within several seconds.

The dimension of the plastic bumper shredder required only need beyong the max wide of the car bumper . Hence ,a small model of plastic bumper shredder can meet the recycling demand of the plastic bumper.

The shredding blades for plastic bumper shredder can be small and thin , so , the final size of bumper flakes can be controlled as small as 25 mm to 50mm.

Then , the shredded bumper flakes, of abs material usually, can be furtherly grinded to meet extruding requirement by sized crusher machine( grinder,granulator).