Plastic chair shredder

China Plastic chair shredder of industrial double shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of large size and thin wall solid waste ,plastic chair,crates,fruit tank,garbge box,pallet ,trays,toys,sheet,board,container ,film,bag,wood pallet,box,paper pulp,cardboard,rubber ,tire,roofing board etc. Model: SCD1000 Motor : 22kw+22kw Blades: D2 Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 kg/h

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1.Plastic chair shredder

Plastic chair shredder uses its two rows of claw type blades to shear various soft and rigid scraps apart;

The main use of plastic chair shredder  is plastic buckets,tanks,rubber tire , big plastic film, cardboard, pallet ,plywood etc;

The plastic chair shredder belongs to double shaft shredder ,classified upon its structure ; the double shaft shredder works to pre-reduce the size of big waste products , making them easier for next sizing crushing or grinding ;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER plastic chair shredder is made with high standard ,strict production mangament, mature mechanical and electrical design, and top configuration for each components; The most important part of the plastic chair shredder, the gearbox( reducer) is adopted with the best brand ,Guomao ,in China. Each electric elements adopts world famous brand, like Siemens, Schneider etc;