plastic chunks shredder

Chinese heavy duty plastic chunks shredder of industrial single shaft shredder for reducing size and recycling waste plastic lumps,pipe,bricks ,board ,tanks ,drums,film ,bag,ropes,fishing net etc; Model: SCS400 Shredder room : 400*500mm Motor : 18.5kw Capacity : 200~300kg/h

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plastic chunks shredder

Actually, all the plastic production will have some amount of industrial waste , some big some small;

For small industrial waste , common small crusher/granulator can meet the recycling demand;

For the big waste from plastic industry ,a low rotation high torque plastic chunks shredder is necessary, their body must be pre-reduced first , then can be furtherly crushed to be small flakes for reuse;

When the thickness of post-consumer plastic products or plastic chunks is bigger than 20mm , the heavy duty single shaft shredder is frequently adopted as the plastic chunks shredder;

The blades of the plastic chunks shredder chip /cut small plastic flakes down from the body of big objects by its knifepoint , of which the high impact shearing force and small cutting area make it suitable for hard-cutting waste;