Plastic chunks shredder machine

heavy duty single shaft shredder machine for plastic lumps' destruction and recycling ,Industrial Plastic chunks shredder machine made in China with CE certificate; Model: SCS600 Rotor length : 600mm Pusher Journey: 500mm Motor : 22kw Capacity : 300-500kg/hour

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Plastic chunks shredder machine

The heavy duty single shaft shredder runs as plastic chunks shredder machine permits the big plastic chunks or other kinds of waste products to be feeded into its hopper and chamber directly without manual cutting laboriously; The plastic chunks is the most widespread application;

As for the shaft of the plastic chunks shredder machine , it is made of solid steel roller, with full heat treatment , with high precision of machining for each details; The many square blades distribute in several V shape rows evenly spaced on the surface of the round shaft ; It rotates in low speed, 45-100rpm, with big torque , low noise , and has the function of reversal if overload by the control of Siemens PLC system;

The Plastic chunks shredder machine has two control ways : Auto/Manual; Auto control system for normal production , Manual control system for inspection and maintenance ;