Plastic container shredder

china Plastic container shredder for recycling hollow chemical bottle,blue drum ,barrels,buckets,IBC Tank,fruit tank,garbage box,crates , industrial double shaft shredder reducing size of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,e waste,medical waste,msw Model: SCD1000 Motor : 30kw+30kw Blades : 450mm(Diameter) Capacity: 1~1.5ton/h Loading : 20Gp * 1 set,FCL;

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1.Plastic container shredder

Because plastic containers are hollow on body , single shaft shredder or crusher as the plastic container shredder ,they only can touch the walls of plastic container in two sides , the touching area is so small that only small capacity can be obtained ;

However, double shaft shredder or four shaft shredder as plastic container shredder , has the force to press them to a plate form and cut them just like processing a flat plate . Fast shredding speed can be realized ;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER makes the plastic container shredder with high standard machining precision for installation surface , frame of the plastic container shredder , installing surface and mating hole are machined on big milling machine, the two shafts are made on CNC lathe with precision within 5 dmm;

The blade material of the plastic container shredder can be 9CrSi,Cr12MoV,skd-11,D2,DC53,H13 according the actual case of the scraps applied;

The gearbox is adopted with the best brand ,GUOMAO,in China. Whole plastic container shredder machine works with execellent performance and good reliability for decades;