plastic cryogenic pulverizer

China liquid nitrogen plastic cryogenic pulverizer design ,freezer mill price, cryogenic grinding mill cost ,superfine powder making machine , Industrial pulverizer manufactures powder with fineness reaching10-700mesh in ultra-low temperature working condition. Application : chemcial,plastic,food,medicine,coating etc.

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Liquid nitrogen plastic cryogenic pulverizer/freezer mill/ultra-cold grinding mill

The Liquid nitrogen plastic cryogenic pulverizer grinding mill used in a variety of materials which can not be crushed at room temperature, widely used in a variety of chemical technology, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive industry, electronic industry, clothing, coatings, printing, plastics, rubber, thermoplastic materials, hot melt adhesive, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, ultra-food industry (paprika), Chinese and Western medicine, and so crushed product.

The liquid nitrogen plastic cryogenic pulverizer grinding mill  , in the material grinding process, the cold medium forms a closed-loop recirculation system that allows full use of energy, saving energy : the grinding temperature  can be reduced to minus 196 celcius, according to brittle point temperature of the material , the temperature can be regulated in the grinding process,;choose the best milling temperature, reducing energy consumption: the milled fineness of final powder can reach 10-700 mesh, even to the micron μ and other fineness: using liquid nitrogen as the grinding media to achieve ultra-low temperature grinding effect, explosion-proof of materials, oxidation resistance and other comprehensive results.

The Liquid nitrogen plastic cryogenic pulverizer grinding mill adopt the liquid nitrogen as the cooling medium ;the crushed scraps being feeded into the chamber of the mill after being cooled to be brittle friable state at low temperature; then the milling effection was obtained from the high speed rotation of the blade,repeated impact、collision, shear, friction, and other combined effection between the raw material and blade、raw material and disc,、raw material and raw material ;the powder after milling will be classified and collected by the airflow sieve machine , the big powder will be returned to pulverizer chamber and milled again; most of the cooling air will back to the chamber to be reused;

Grinding chamber diameter423mm
Grinding motor37kw
Cooling mediumliquid nitrogen
Working temperature0-subzero 196 celcius degree,adjustable
Grinding fineness10-700mesh
Production capacity100-250kg/hour
Liquid nitrogen potno included, customer prepare