Plastic drum shredder

China heavy duty Plastic drum shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for recycling plastic drum,barrels,bucket,fruit tanks,IBC tank ,hollow container etc. Model: SCD800 Blades Diameter : 450mm Blades Thickness : 50mm Motor : 30kw+30kw Capacity: Around 1.5 ton/h Loading : 20Gp* 1 set,FCL

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1.Plastic drum shredder

Plastic drum contains various specifications , for those big drums which has volume bigger than 50L , the better plastic drum shredder for them is the double shaft shredder if big capacity is required;

For small capacity, for example 100-200kg/h for 200L big blue drum , a medium plastic drum shredder single shaft shredding machine can meet the recycling demand;

Comparing the capacity on same 200L blue drum, the double shaft plastic drum shredder can obtain capacity to 1.5ton/h ;