plastic film shredder

China heavy duty Plastic film shredder for recycling plastic film and bag , industrial double shaft shredder ,round rotor ,square blades,large capacity; Model: SCDF600 Motor : 22kw + 22kw Blades : skd11 Capacity : 300-500kg/h

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Plastic film shredder

Usually , several types of shredder machines are workable for the plastic film recycling .

The plastic film shredder is considered when either that the environmental noise in low level is expected ,or that the plastic film recycling project requires a large capacity.

The plastic film shredder has two working axles installed parallelly , the working axles of the plastic film shredder is same as that on single shaft shredder .

The two axles rotate relatively to drag plastic film or bag and make them into small pieces fastly, a large capacity being obtained, which can be realized to be 10 tons per hour on our max  model.

The plastic film shredders work in low speed , the noise in the working is kept lower than 80dB.