plastic lumps recycling shredder

plastic lumps recycling shredder for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps ,industrial single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model: SCS1000 Rotor length : 1000mm Rotor diameter : 330mm Blades: skd11 Capacity: 800-1200kg/h

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1.plastic lumps recycling shredder

The plastic lumps recycling shredder  is classified as single shaft shredder according to the number of working shaft which it posseses;

Brighter brand plastic lumps recycling shredder has good quality and good price for a variety of waste recycling projects;

An advantage of our plastic lumps recycling shredder, the vibration amplitude is always kept in low level with acceptable range ; Because the vibration from impact is solved perfectly , each member works with high reliablility;

A steel truck move in the shredding machine chamber to get the pushing force against waste products , for small and medium model of plastic lumps recycling shredder  , one set of cylinder is installed on the frame to drive the pushing truck ; for big model , 2 sets of hydraulic cylinders are assembled to the moving pushing unit to get a higher stability and reliability;

2.SCS series waste plastic lumps recycling shredder