Plastic pallet shredder

China heavy duty Plastic pallet shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for recycling plastic pallet,sheet,board,tanks,drums,barrels,hollow containers etc; Model: SCD1200 Blades: 340mm(D)*50mm(T) Motor : 37kw + 37kw Capacity: > 1.5 ton/h

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1.Plastic pallet shredder

Plastic pallet mainly uses double shaft shredder for the plastic pallet shredder machine .

The dimension of common plastic pallet is 1200*1100mm,1100*1100mm,Other specification contains 1200*800mm,1000*1000mm,

1300*1100mm,1400*1200mm etc;

The plastic pallet is hollow and thin , with weight from 6 kg to 20kg , as the actual experience one plastic pallet shredder machine, one waste plastic pallet can be finished in 6~8 seconds .

The plastic pallet shredder mainly includes two model for pallet processing ,SCD1200, SCD1500, max 1200mm and 1500mm plastic pallet can be shredded on them respectively.

Usually, the plastic pallet shredder will be designed with a high speed crusher to form a system to get extruding grade flakes ; The pallet flakes can be washed and regenerated for reuse;