Plastic purge shredder

Chinese heavy duty Plastic purge shredder of industrial single shaft shredder for reducing size and recycling waste plastic purge ,lumps,chunks,pipe,tube ,board ,tanks ,drums,film ,bag etc; Motor : 75kw Type : heavy reinforced Shredder chamber : 1300mm*2200mm Capacity : Around 2 tons/hour for wood /plastic

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1.Plastic purge shredder

A low rotation speed high torque plastic purge shredder or high speed crusher can be used for  plastic waste that  is solid and thick and big ;

The single shaft shredder as plastic purge shredder is designed upon big volume and heavy body of waste objects , cuts their body by the knifepoint of blades, don’t bear the load from their weight;

The round rotor inside the chamber of the single shaft plastic purge shredder has many small blades on it , they works together to get a big capacity of output for the plastic purges;