plastic purging recycling shredder

Industrial plastic purging recycling shredder of heavy duty single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,rubber,wood,paper ,light metal,msw ; model : scs600 shredder chamber : 600mm pushing journey : 500mm Capacity : 300-500kg/hour

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1.plastic purging recycling shredder

As our experience in years’ saling , the medium model of our industrials shreder are found to be more favoured by customers;

The principle aim of choosing medium model single shaft shredder is to a good capacity of output on relatively more economical investing cost ;

If the application is plastic purging , a capacity range during 500 kg/h to 1000kg/h can be desired , for other kinds of waste , the capacity can be approximately computed upon its structure, input size,output size , and spedific gravity;

The mechanical systems of the single shaft shreder essentially includes a rotating shaft drived by electric motor , and a pushing system performed by a steel truck drived by hydraulic inside the shredding machine chamber;

2.Photos of plastic purging recycling shredder: