plastic purging shredder

Industrial plastic purging shredder of heavy duty single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,rubber,wood,paper ,light metal,msw ; Model : scs800 Rotor : 800mm ( length)* 330mm(Diameter) Motor : 37kw Pushing Journey : 1000mm Application : universal type

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1.plastic purging shredder

Since , for most plastic companies , medium size plastic purging  occupies the main parts among all the waste purging obtained , promoting the medium model of single rotor shredder machines the most welcomed size for the markets;

Medium model of plastic purging shredder , the capacity remains in a satisfactory level ;

the cost of purchasing and running the plastic purging shredder stays in a relatively low position;

if customer wanna whole line consists of the single shaft shredder and sizing crusher,the 800mm width shredder machine and crusher is recommended, because it happen to occupy a whole 20Gp container ;

For big hdpe purging  , final plastic flakes around 12mm, the capacity of the whole shredder machine crusher line is during 500 ~ 1000 kg/h;